Baby Carrier One Communication Between Mother and Baby

Baby Carrier One Communication Between Mother and Baby

Baby Carrier One Communication Between Mother and Baby – Having a baby is one of the dreams of parents, especially young mothers. Because the presence of a baby can color a family, what else is the first child, it will make a family more complete. To be able to strengthen a mother’s and children’s love, a mother must have a feeling that can unite between them. There are many ways to unite between mother and baby, one of them is by holding the baby, but if you hold the baby without using a carrier it will feel difficult. But if a mother uses a baby carrier it will strengthen intimacy with the little one.

Baby Carrier One Communication Between Mother and Baby

There are some people who say that it’s best not to carry babies too often so that they don’t become a habit. However, actually carrying it is one of the important communications between a mother and her little one. Now baby carrier is a very helpful item, especially in carrying it for a long time, so that a mother will not tire easily. And choosing a baby carrier cannot be said to be young, if in the past only one was used for baby carriers, namely a long cloth. However, in this day and age baby carriers can be found in many varieties. So before buying, you must pay attention to how to choose a good and good baby carrier.

How to choose a baby carrier

Below are several ways for you to choose a baby carrier, namely:

  1. Type of carry to reduce fatigue when traveling
    The distinctive feature of this type of carrier is the ability to hold the load at the same time in several carrying positions. Some products can be used for carrying in three to five methods.
  2. Type of sling for comfort while breastfeeding that is easy to use
    Sling types can allow you to hold your little one holding you. Unlike the carry type, this type does not have a pillow or support. So, you need to use your hands to support your little one while being held. This type is also very famous for its attractive motifs. Plus, you can comfortably breastfeed your little one while holding it in this sling.
  3. Pay attention to the baby’s age when using the baby carrier
    Don’t forget to check the target age on the package when buying a baby carrier. Newborn babies have necks that still cannot be raised.
  4. Pay attention to the variety of carrying methods
    hip carry (with the side sitting facing the mother)
    facing parent front carry (front sitting position facing mother)
    facing out front carry (front sitting position facing forward)
    back carry (back seat facing mother)
    side hold carry (sleeping position facing mother)
  5. Choose a breathable material for baby sweat
    Babies have a higher body temperature and sweat more easily than adults.

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