Various kinds of baby carriers by Ellaroo

Various kinds of baby carriers by Ellaroo

Various kinds of baby carriers by Ellaroo

For those of you who just got a baby in the middle of a family, you certainly are feeling a variety of activity and infinite happiness now.

It is common for many new couples to feel confused about the needs of the baby. Many needs and needs that will indeed be needed such as baby clothes, baby diapers, toiletries, slingers, and other kinds.

Various kinds of baby carriers by Ellaroo

The equipment has many types, models and brands. Everything certainly has a variety of differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

As in the title above, here we will provide some information about the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of baby carriers for your consideration.

Stretchy Hybrids

This one sling model is the most widely used by the mothers. This model is more flexible and flexible. You can use this sling with a variety of styles or models that can make the baby comfortable.

Stretchy Wrap

Stretchy Wrap is a sling that is almost the same as the type we discussed earlier. This type of sling you can easily use and safe for newborns. For babies who are growing up, you can use another type of sling because this will be uncomfortable for the child.

Pouch Sling

This one sling has various sizes. This you can use for babies up to 2 years old. The model is easy to use and will be very safe to carry the baby.

Baby Wrap

This sling model is quite different from other slings, but it was viral because it was widely used by mothers who had just given birth. This sling can make the baby comfortable in the arms of the mother, and the mother does not feel burdened or heavy because the sling is very comfortable.

Ring Sling

Ring Sling models are widely used for newborns up to 3 years. The length can be arranged in the ring, but it will feel more heavy because it only rests on one shoulder only.

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